Environmental Consulting

  • Kazakhstan environmental law issues consultation
  • Ecological house standards and strategies development
  • Development of corporate environmental policies and environmental protection plans
  • Quarterly assessment of environmental pollution fees
  • Drawing up and approval of statistical reporting forms in the field of environmental protection
  • Drawing up and approval of annual reports on waste generation, use, control and disposal

Environmental design and Rate Setting

  • Environmental impact assessment, preliminary environmental impact assessment (EIA, Pre-EIA)
  • Maximum Permitted Emissions and Discharges Projects (MPE, MPD)
  • Draft standards for waste disposal, hazardous waste data sheets (DSWD, HWDS)
  • Waste management program (WMP)
    Emission Permit
  • Approval of projects in authorized governmental bodies, obtaining the necessary endorsements and permissions for further activities of an enterprise
  • Holding of public hearings

Land management, water protection zoning

  • Development of land management projects, projects for establishing / changing of water protection zones
  • Carrying out of cartographic, engineering and inventory activities related to land condition analysis
  • Data analysis (including decoding and vectoring of satellite images)
  • Determining the prospects for the development of economy and the use of land
  • Approval of projects in authorized bodies (Land Management Department, Basin Inspectorate for Water Resources Management and Protection, etc.)
  • Project support until the adoption of resolutions by local executive bodies and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Environmental monitoring

  • Development of industrial environmental control program
  • Industrial environmental control of atmospheric air, soil cover and water, incl. sea water
  • Baseline environmental studies
  • Environmental appraisal

Obtaining a GHG Emissions Permit

  • Greenhouse gases inventory
  • Certification
  • Greenhouse gases verification and validation

Research activities

  • Development of projects aimed at efficient use of natural resources and sustainable development
  • Implementation of green economy programs