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Industrial environmental control
  • Conducting marine research within the framework of industrial environmental monitoring on the Caspian Sea;
  • Conducting onshore field research within the framework of industrial environmental control.
Environmental engineering and regulation
  • Development of environmental assessment projects (in full(s) and in a simplified manner (Section on environmental protection);
  • Development of documentation for obtaining an environmental permit (Emissions standards, IEC program, Waste management program, Environmental Protection plan);
  • Development of a consolidated maximum permissible emissions volume;
  • Development of Environmental Quality Targets
Laboratory research
  • Sampling by environmental components;
  • Complete chemical analysis of environmental components by qualitative and quantitative composition.
Environmental Consulting
  • Consultation on environmental legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Development of internal environmental standards and strategies.
Research activities
  • Development of projects aimed at rational use of natural resources and sustainable development;
  • Implementation of green economy programs;
  • Socio-environmental impact assessment.
Land management/establishment of water protection zones and strips
  • Development of land management projects and projects for the establishment and/or (reduction) of water protection zones and strips;
  • Approval before the adoption of the relevant Resolution.
Remote sensing of the Earth and GIS
  • GIS development from personal to corporate level;
  • Digital cartography, geodatabase organization
  • Assessment of the current and retrospective state of natural and territorial complexes.

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To maintain the balance of interaction between human and nature, creating conditions for the effective industries sectors development and increasing the level of compliance with international environmental standards.

Nomad Eco is part of the Daryn Partners Group of companies.

Daryn Partners has extensive experience in consulting services in the field of oil and gas, corporate finance, business development, legal services, environmental design and monitoring, as well as engineering research and construction and maintenance works.

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Conducting industrial environmental monitoring by climatic seasons at the Al-Farabi field in the middle part of the Kazakhstan sector of the Caspian Sea

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