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Environmental Consulting
  • Kazakhstan environmental law issues consultation
  • Ecological house standards and strategies development
  • Development of corporate environmental policies and environmental protection plans
  • Quarterly assessment of environmental pollution fees
  • Drawing up and approval of statistical reporting forms in the field of environmental protection
  • Drawing up and approval of annual reports on waste generation, use, control and disposal
Environmental design and Rate Setting
  • Environmental impact assessment, preliminary environmental impact assessment (EIA, Pre-EIA)
  • Maximum Permitted Emissions and Discharges Projects (MPE, MPD)
  • Draft standards for waste disposal, hazardous waste data sheets (DSWD, HWDS)
  • Waste management program (WMP)
  • Emission Permit
  • Approval of projects in authorized governmental bodies, obtaining the necessary endorsements and permissions for further activities of an enterprise
  • Holding of public hearings
Land management, water protection zoning
  • Development of land management projects, projects for establishing / changing of water protection zones
  • Carrying out of cartographic, engineering and inventory activities related to land condition analysis
  • Data analysis (including decoding and vectoring of satellite images)
  • Determining the prospects for the development of economy and the use of land
  • Approval of projects in authorized bodies (Land Management Department, Basin Inspectorate for Water Resources Management and Protection, etc.)
  • Project support until the adoption of resolutions by local executive bodies and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Research activities
  • Development of projects aimed at efficient use of natural resources and sustainable development
  • Implementation of green economy programs
Obtaining a GHG Emissions Permit
  • Greenhouse gases inventory
  • Certification
  • Greenhouse gases verification and validation

Environmental monitoring
  • Development of industrial environmental control program
  • Industrial environmental control of atmospheric air, soil cover and water, incl. sea water
  • Baseline environmental studies
  • Environmental appraisal

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To preserve a balance between human and nature interaction, creating conditions for effective development of all sectors of industry and increasing the level of compliance with global environmental standards.

Nomad Eco is a member of the Group of Daryn Partners Companies.

Daryn Partners has vast experience of advisory srvices in oil and gas industry, corporate finances, business development, legal services, environmental design and control, design and survey work^ as well as shell and core.

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Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment (ESHIA) in the Caspian Sea

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