Nomad Eco LLP has its own accredited research laboratory, which complies with the requirements of state standard GOST ISO/IEC 17025-2019 "General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories", has an accreditation certificate No.KZ.T 01.1981 dated 30/12/2022, issued by the National Accreditation Center LLP (hereinafter – Laboratory).

The main function of laboratory is to study the state of the environment by conducting laboratory tests.

Laboratory is equipped with modern equipment, measuring instruments, sample storage equipment, as well as consumables (chemical reagents, dishes, etc.) for correct and high-quality laboratory analysis.

All measuring instruments used for laboratory work, including means for monitoring environmental parameters, periodic verification and calibration.

Laboratory carries out, in accordance with the Accreditation Certificate, control of the level of pollution of atmospheric air, surface, drinking, sewage and groundwater, soil, bottom sediments, industrial waste, vegetation, wildlife, etc. in industrial zones and settlements by carrying out instrumental measurements and laboratory studies. And also measures the parameters of atmospheric air at the border of the SPZ of industrial enterprises and the air of the working area.

Laboratory has a mobile field team that goes to the facilities and takes measurements of environmental components.

Laboratory employees are highly qualified with extensive work experience, trained for occupational safety and health, fire safety, industrial safety, and regularly advanced at training courses.