Vessel "Altai"

Nomad Eco LLP has its own research vessel Altai. The vessel is designed to monitor environmental components in the Caspian Sea.

The vessel complies with all the requirements of the International Code on Ship Management and Safety: there are all registration and ship documents of the Maritime Register of the Russian Federation, which are valid on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, equipped with collective (raft) and individual life-saving equipment (vests, wetsuits, circles), including fire-fighting equipment, etc.

The Altai research vessel is equipped with a modern two-drum hydrological winch (each drum with a cable length of 1000 m) with a smooth descent for working in deep water, there is a frame for trawling.

The ship has a marine laboratory designed for hydrological, hydrobiological and hydrochemical studies.

The deck of the vessel allows sampling of all environmental components, including seawater, sediments, biological samples, and hydroacoustic studies.

The crew members have the appropriate qualifications and experience to ensure the safety of the Vessel's navigation.

Ship class KM * L4 R2

Bowl length 35.35 m, width-6.90 m

Gross capacity – 237 r.t.