Industrial environmental control

  • Conducting marine research within the framework of industrial environmental monitoring on the Caspian Sea;
  • Conducting onshore field research within the framework of industrial environmental control.

Environmental engineering and regulation

  • Development of environmental assessment projects (in full(s) and in a simplified manner (Section on environmental protection);
  • Development of documentation for obtaining an environmental permit (Emissions standards, IEC program, Waste management program, Environmental Protection plan);
  • Development of a consolidated maximum permissible emissions volume;
  • Development of Environmental Quality Targets

Laboratory research

  • Sampling by environmental components;
  • Complete chemical analysis of environmental components by qualitative and quantitative composition.

Environmental Consulting

  • Consultation on environmental legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Development of internal environmental standards and strategies.

Research activities

  • Development of projects aimed at rational use of natural resources and sustainable development;
  • Implementation of green economy programs;
  • Socio-environmental impact assessment.

Land management/establishment of water protection zones and strips

  • Development of land management projects and projects for the establishment and/or (reduction) of water protection zones and strips;
  • Approval before the adoption of the relevant Resolution.

Remote sensing of the Earth and GIS

  • GIS development from personal to corporate level;
  • Digital cartography, organization of geodata databases;
  • Assessment of the current and retrospective state of natural and territorial complexes.