Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment (ESHIA) in the Caspian Sea

monitoring of sea water quality, bottom sediments and macrobenthos sampling at the construction site of Cargo Transportation Route (CaTRO).

The Cargo Transportation Route will reach the Tengiz Field. The construction of CaTRO is carried out on the Prorva peninsula by TengizChevrOil as part of the Future Expansion/Wellhead Pressure Management Project (FEP/WPMP).

SemArco LLP (member of Archirodon Group). SemArco is an engineering and construction company implementing the infrastructure projects in Kazakhstan.


  • Monitoring of sea water quality by ICP (inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry) method, bottom deposits and macrobenthos in the Cargo Transportation Route construction area;
  • Monitoring is conducted in accordance with the current terms of reference, signed by the General Customer (TengizChevrOil LLP). Sampling; delivery of samples to testing laboratory; samples testing; preparation of a monitoring report.