Development of the Maximum Permissible Emissions volume

Management of Natural Resources and Environmental Management of Atyrau region

Development of the consolidated volume of maximum permissible emissions (MPI) of Atyrau (2018-2020).


  • Compilation of an updated list of enterprises and other objects of the city that produce emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere;
  • Drawing up a situational plan of the city with bindings of enterprises that are sources of pollutant emissions with the application of the boundaries of the SPZ of enterprises, the boundaries of residential areas, the boundaries of territories with increased requirements for the state of atmospheric air, the application of the locations of Kazhydromet posts;
  • Carrying out instrumental measurements of the level of atmospheric air pollution in Atyrau in all seasons of the year, analyzing and summarizing the results, mapping and publishing the results in GIS;
  • Conducting summary calculations of the dispersion of pollutants from stationary sources located on the territory of the city of Atyrau for cold and warm periods of the year;
  • Preparation of a report based on the received data.