Development of a Waste Management Program

for Mangystau Region.

State Department for Natural Resources and Environmental Management of Mangystau Region. The main task of the organization is to carry out environmental protection activities in the region, regulate the nature resource use, conduct the environmental impact assessment.

Development of a waste management program (WMP) for Mangystau Region.


  • Examination of large SMW landfills and illegal dumping sites;
  • The inspection report and recommendations for the remedial actions have been prepared;
  • Within the WMP, the accumulation rates were developed in accordance with methodological manuals effective in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Assessment of reserves for the growth of waste generation, as well as evaluation of the waste recycling plant activities, have been performed;
  • The action plan aimed at improving the situations has been made as an Annex to WMP and agreed with the interested agencies and organizations.